A Nordic cosmology of growth and wellbeing


Semine is a home coming

The Dusky Dawn Of SPRing

The HEAT OF THE summer sun

the richness of autumn harvest

The MAgic of Winter Fairy Tales

Dedicated to the alchemy of growth. Semine is s vertical time zone where life is a balance between the depth and the height. A time zone where people grow, just like greenery grows. With roots in our motherland and wanderlust in our blood, we connect to the wisdom of nature and follow our innate rhythms of life as a catalyst for personal transformation. Just like a plant, every human being is a living organism with the potential to be cultivated into a state of full bloom. We all have unique life stems, that over time develop into individualized curriculums and blooms belonging just to us. Semine is an inspiration to learn from out motherland and use our innate power to set root, grow and manifest. To thrive with strong individual stems that support our highest potential.

Semine takes its name from Danish mythology, where Semine was the name of the Goddess of the sun, moon and stars. The ancient tools for navigation before the compas and clock existed. In English it also means ‘seed, to sow or scatter’.

Semine is a community of people that lead their own way, plant new seeds and insist on a lifestyle of personal balance: Entrepreneurs, that incorporate ancient plant wisdom in new ways, lifestyle products with natural healing ingredients that relieve us from consumer fatigue, and personal stories of the garden as a place, where personal transformation happen vertically as an antidote to the fast- paced horizontal speed of modern society.