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An Ode to Art

Art is and has always been the imprint of a constant search for boundaries to capture aesthetics, form and thoughts of an understanding human creation in a given moment. Art observes and listens, and in its presence we feel different, augmented or more intense than we usually do when we find ourselves within the unquestionable norms that have melted into culture. Art opens our eyes and asks us to see and feel the world: to relate to it and with it, and go back to the world without forgetting our experience of it.

Art is the friction between what you understand and what you do not understand. It is bound to be forever floating in the gap between all and nothing, in the membrane between the comprehensible world and the incomprehensible open that you cannot fully grasp.

Art must reside in this open friction and be perceived in the moment that meets you, exactly there, where you are.

Art is the creation that comes closest to reminding us of a genuine meeting. Because in meeting with Art we are forced to meet ourselves.

More than ever we need this meeting.


Page 83 in: The White Book, by Helene Lundbye Petersen. Published by WhitePageProject, 2012. ISBN-13:978-8799557905  

The White Book