The Scent Of Cotton



The Copenhagen based underwear label Underwearables has teamed up with luxury candle maker from Paris Carrières Frères in their signature scent ‘Gossypium’. Based on a history of candle making, tha candle is made from a unique vegetal-wax formula that dates back to 1884, when the Carrières brothers sought out a formula for a purely vegetal wax. Their personal fascination with botanics and engineering efforts pioneered a new concept of a paraffin free, smokeless and odourless candle that made the brothers master wax makers of their time. Their recipe still used today consists of a vegetable wax completely free of paraffin and other petrochemical derivates. This means the candle does not produce smoke or unpleasant odours and burns slowly and neatly while diffusing the purest botanical perfume. The Underwearables Gossypium Candle is an homage to the Gossypium Barbadense species also known as the cotton plant. The scent is a pure and fragile fragrance that evokes a feeling of serenity. A bright and natural bouquet that embodies the delicacy of the Gossypium flower and the softness of the cotton bud.

50  hour burning time, 6.7 oz.
100% vegetable wax and cotton wick.