An Ode to the Arts




On a rainy November Sunday in Copenhagen, the New York based Curator and Writer Helene Lundbye Petersen held a Performance Lecture at The Royal Danish Theatre. And this more or less depressing Scandinavian darkness was actually a perfect setting for a Perfomance Lecture addressing the existential problems caused by Western consumerist culture: Risk-awareness, hopelessness emptiness and loss of meaning.     

With The White Book, Helene Lundbye Petersen has created a space for individual engagement to rethink the direction of the world we live in, and the old theatre that has been housing the Classical Arts for centuries was a great space for visualizing her philosophy in spirit, words and sound - the Violinist Karen Humle accompanied the reading with a Musical Portrait.

Through an almost complete reading of The White Book's 4 chapters made up by critical, poetic, philosophical and manifesto statements, Helene Lundbye Petersen took her audience on an emotional transition from heavyheartedness over awareness into elevation. Her message was a strong and engaging invitation consisting of words and persona with the intention to a meet ourselves through the arts: A meeting with unity, potential, meaning and life itself. 

In the first section of The White Book, Helene Lundbye Petersen claims “The gods, the god and goddesses have fallen long ago and lie silent as witnesses of another time – as statues of human creation”, but like a modern Goddess her Ode to the Arts this night united the room and audience in a Pygmalion moment which made even the statues in the room come to life. A moment that left her audience with a feeling of truth, gratefulness and empowerment to move. Forward. 

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