Welcome to a journey of
wild white beauty


The Editors

Cotton is white gold, said the Balylonians, and rightly so. Since its domestication about seven thousand years ago, cotton has been refined into the continental crop we know today, and for the past two and a half thousand years it has been exploited commercially. Through centuries, this once wild plant has established itself as the principal raw material for the world’s textile industry. Thus, with its natural qualities such as softness, comfort, durability, and versatility, cotton has indeed earned its iconic status as the ‘fabric of our lives’.

Recently, the global economy has witnessed unprecedented high prices on the cotton market. Paired with an increasing focus on the value chain of modern consumer society, sustainability, natural resources, and fair-trade being the new buzz words, the currency of cotton as a raw material, as well as its position as the luxury resource of the future, has been strengthened.

Cotton Magazine is a modern tribute to the flower and raw material that has brought wealth to civilizations for more than two thousand years, portraying the role of the life-giving plant in terms of art, culture, and trade. Committed to long-lasting values and sustainable content, Cotton is a trans-seasonal magazine with a global outlook and cultural directory, aimed at the lifestyle-consumer who longs to bridge ethics with aesthetics. Launched as a visual tonic in an age dominated by rapid media streams, Cotton provides a peaceful place for personal discovery – a chronicle for collectors of natural luxury.

In this first issue, we travel to Africa, the birthplace of our species, where seven thousand years ago, the wild cotton flower grew in open forests and grasslands. Starting with the botanical origin of the cotton families that today are being used for farming purposes, we have dedicated the first issue to an exploration of nativity. Celebrating birth and fertility, life and growth, and adjusting our minds to wind and change, we welcome you to our beginning and the first issue of Cotton Magazine. We hope you will join us on our future exploration of wild white beauty.