A window to growth

Kimango Farm, located in rural Tanzania, is owned and operated by a German family who operates two farms—both organically certified since they were established in 1998. Producing and processing about 40.000 kg of herbal teas and spices annually, the farm have over the years planted more than 20.000 trees, mainly Neem, White Teak, Teak and African Blackwood. Kimango Farm employs 30-80 local workers from the area depending on the season. 

At the Mbuyuni Farm, next to their own house, the family runs a relaxing Farm Retreat in three various cottages, located in a quiet and peaceful setting surrounded by beautiful gardens.  You are welcome to stroll around the farm and watch the activities or explore animal life in the farm’s forested areas. A day trip safari to the Mikumi National Park is a must as well as the candle light dinners exclusively served on the cottage veranda.

Kimango is a place of tranquillity and balance where you can let the landscape of vast mountains in the horizon and vivid sounds from the nature around fill you with life. Enjoy the harmony and healthy foods, and let your mind wander together with the African breeze. This is a land to remember for its aboriginal beauty. The land will remember your visit for sure, as the farm plants one indigenous tree for every guest who visits.