Fresh Linen & orange scented dreams

Intimate and refined, Dar Kawa is a traditional riad with a contemporary soul in the heart of Marrakech’s medina. A minimalist colour scheme compliments the Saadian 17th-century architecture, and the textiles and linens are designed by your host, Valerie Barkowski. 

Inspired by the Moroccan way of living, Dar Kawa is a house of comfortable luxury that plays with your senses. A smell of jasmine or orange greets you when you enter and invites you to live a slow life inspired by the seasons. Inside the house, life revolves around the patio and terrace with a relaxed invitation to nomadic living. Summers are spent with day time freshness in the patio and terrace-dinners in the evening. Winters with lunch on the terrace in the sun and evening fires or baths in the room. Any time of the year, you can be sure to enjoy excellent cuisine with seasonal fruits and vegetables, and homemade jams. Or reside to a personal massage with argan oil, fresh herbs and a tea.

With just 3 suites and 1 room, each individually-styled with a blend of contemporary international and traditional Moroccan design, the atmosphere is relaxed with plenty of space to find yourself completely at home. The unique combination of privacy and personality makes Dar Kawa the perfect choice for a soulful holiday. It is a great starting point for a day of exploring in the maze of souks, where the city was born, and much-needed end point for an adventurous day in the medina. Because somewhere between the square of spices, the public bread oven and the hammam, you will long to hit home again for peaceful and sensory dreams in the orange-blossom-water scented beds, while the shadows play on the walls at night in the light of lanterns.

PHOTOGRAPHY by Tania Panova
WORDS by Sidsel Solmer Eriksen

Visit: darkawa.net