Coral-ringed Paradise

Chumbe Island is a small privately owned island a few kilometres off of the main islands of Zanzibar. Being one of the last pristine coral islands on the East African Coast, Chumbe Island is known among connoisseurs for its award-winning private nature reserve, sustainable design and exceptional coral reefs. Chumbe Island Coral Park includes a fully protected coral reef sanctuary and forest reserve that harbour extremely rare and endangered animals. All together, Chumbe hosts more than 200 species of pristine stone corals, 400 species of fish as well as regularly visiting turtles and dolphins. The overall aim of the reserve is to create a model of financially and ecologically sustainable Park management, where ecotourism supports conservation, research and a comprehensive Environmental Education programs for local schools.

A visit on Chumbe Island is in many aspects something really special. The reserve carefully manages the numbers of guests on the island—at any time a maximum of 14 guests only. The Eco-bungalows are perfectly blended with the surrounding nature. Situated between the beach and the forest, they are so brilliantly designed, that they provide both privacy and a sense of freedom of living in the open. They all incorporate state-of-the-art eco-architecture, like rainwater catchments, solar water heating and composting toilets—aiming at zero impact on the environment. 

Anyone with a passion for natural beauty will find Chumbe Island captivating beyond measure. With so many rare moments from world-class snorkelling, spending time on an empty beach or savouring Chumbe’s most famous Zanzibarian cuisine, a visit on Chumbe is no more than the ultimate holiday experience. It lets you taste a life of simple luxury on this paradise island in the knowledge that you are supporting the protection of the environment of a spectacular nature reserve.  

PHOTOGRAPHY by Monolo Yllera
WORDS by Sidsel Solmer Eriksen