Dressing for the dark

The Copenhagen department store Magasin recently made a survey among 19.520 Danish women asking them out about their night wear preferences. What do you prefer to wear in bed? And how do you prefer your partner dressed under the sheets? ‘In pure cotton or bare skin.’  That’s how the majority of Danish women describe their modern sleeping style. According to the Magasin survey, the previous preferred night wear fashion consisting of decorated and silky garments. But now it has been replaced by cotton nightgown and pyjamas as the preferred choice of night wear by almost half the consulted women. Coming in 3rd on the answer list is sleeping skin naked—mostly popular among the 40-49 year olds. The survey also shows that the women also have a strong opinion about their partner’s dressing habits in bed. 36,7 pct. of the women fancy their husband or boyfriend in classic boxer shorts and bare chest, while 17,8 pct prefer him completely naked. Coming in 3rd is the combination of long pyjamas pants and bare chest. The survey is a strong reflection of the mindset of modern Scandinavian women who wish to express their confidence all the way to their bedroom with a naturally sexy sleeping fashion in a classic style that transgresses gender and time.