Secluded Beach Homes

KOH TAO CABANA is situated on the best and most secluded land on Sai Ree Beach. On this resort, efforts are made to preserve the untouched surrounding nature, Only 33 villas are constructed, and they are hidden in the tropical trees amongst the native birds and monkeys. Located at the end of a crowded touristic strip of hotels, resorts and clubs, the last part of the lovely white beach is solely for the Koh Tao Cabana guests which gives it even a more unique and peaceful ambiance Beautiful white cottages are surrounded by the overwhelming green flora of the tropical area making it feel as your own mini home. The 33 villas feature a fresh and unconventional design in a unique mix of style where African colours and patterns meet Asian minimalism. One of the best snorkel places in the world is just five minute swim from the beach, and with the restaurant overlooking the bay filled with fisherman and diving ships, you are bound to enjoy every minute of the day from early morning to watching the bay go to sleep at night.