Conceived and bankrolled by His Majesty the King of Morocco, The Royal Mansour gives new meaning to the concept of luxury. Located down a private road Marrakech, reached through an arched gate set in the ancient honey-yellow city wall, the hotel's grounds cover eight acres and a kingdom where no expense was spared in creating what is a real masterpiece of Arab and Moroccan art. Handmade by 1,200 artisans using the best stones, marbles, tiles, silks, satins, beads, feathers and cedar, there has been no budget limit, only the royal edict to make it the most beautiful example of Moroccan architecture in the world.

The complete resort is no less than a Travel Fantasy modelled on a typical Moroccan town and partially integrated into a historic city wall. 53 Riads are arranged in what can only be described as a private village. Each is beset with silks, gleaming tile work, handmade furniture, and traditional Moroccan lamps. From the lower bar and open-air courtyard, to the cooling private pool upon the roof, each Riad is a royal dream from the ‚ÄúTales of 1001 Nights. Throughout the 35-hectare grounds, three restaurants will bring smiles to the gastronomically minded, cooking up French, Moroccan, and International favorites.

In this realm touched by magic, where fact and fantasy blend together effortlessly, Scheherazade would have found enough cozy corners in which to tell a different tale on a different divan every night, while the sun sets in Marrakech, the low light creates drastic shadows and warm colors on buildings and ancient squares. Within the old walls of the city, diverse aromas perfume the air, and candlelight flickers from small windows, creating an enthralling and intoxicating atmosphere bottled in its purest form. 

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