Coqui Coqui is a small boutique hotel on the beach in Tulum, Mexico owned by the couple Francesca Bonato her husband, Nicolas Malleville -a contemporary landscape architect and perfumer. They opened the first Coqui Coqui hotel in 2003 in Tulum, starting with one room, a small shop and a perfumerie, and then slowly grew, adding one room at a time.

Later on, the the Coqui Coqui empire has expanded to include The Coqui Coqui Perfumeria in Mérida which has been inspired by the Yucatán peninsula’s lush nature; think tropical scents of smoked woods, vibrantly colored plants, tobacco leaves, and succulent vanilla, spicy peppermints, and fruity aromas. The boutique also features locally hand-crafted gold filigree necklaces even hand-crocheted hammocks.

The jungle, the Caribbean Sea, the ruins, and the local architecture are the backdrop and magnificent canvas to this bohemian hotel with traditional Mexican design filtered through a Europoean lens on one the most stylish and high-end beach destinations in Mexico.

With the never ending coconut trees and white sandy beaches, nothing else but nature’s pure resources, are the inspiration behind the Coqui Coqui experience. The mix of ocean air, sand and perfumes made of coconut and eucalyptus evoke a deep feeling of relaxation, that makes you never want to wash your holidays clothes when you come back.

images © Coqui Coqui Residences, North Traveller