This spring the Swedish luxury Hotel Nobis opened the doors to Miss Clara -a new first-class boutique hotel located in one of the most bustling urban addresses in Stockholm. The owner of the Nobis Group initially fell in love with the building designed by architects Hagström & Ekman which is considered one of Stockholm’s most exquisite Art Nouveau edifices. Once the new Miss Clara Hotel was a school for girls, and that’s where the name came from: Miss Clara was the principle. Not that there is much visible from the former school, although the steel structure in the staircase came from that time and one of the suites was once a place where the girls were going to pray. The design, furniture and art all came from the heart of the owner. When it touched his heart, it was used, otherwise not. The 92-room hotel was transformed together with architect Gert Wingårdh and most of the materials used in the hotel have their roots in Sweden.

 The rooms at Miss Clara are so beautiful and calming that this is a hotel where you just want to shut yourself off from the outside world -perfect for daydreaming, reading a book in the bath or watching Stockholm pass by from the window seating. Alone or with your best company. 


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