Bozarthfornell Architects is an office for architecture and design, founded 2010 by Andreas Bozarth Fornell. The office has a diverse portfolio and works within all different fields of architecture but the main focus so far is within the world of fashion retail for an impressive client list and project with brands like Acne, Sandro and Repossi.  In this private Q&A Founder and Creative Director Andreas Bozarth Fornel gives us an insight in Bozath Fornell’s finely calibrated balance of fashion and nonchalance and his personal concept of the colour white. 

Q: What do you think is most important when designing an interior space?
A: The layout and the ceremony. Layout is important to achieve the ceremony. Whether your designing a private space as a house or a retail store I believe that the ceremony is the most important aspect of an architectural piece. How your entering, the way from the car to your front door. The changes of environment from the street into the fashion store, it´s all about experiences and it should trigger as many of your senses possible. The layout is all about finding ways and dimensions on different rooms…

Q: Why do you mostly do work for clients within the fashion industry?
A: With 15 years of experience from working with fashion stores that´s what everybody sees and it´s easy to talk about, new clients tend to like what we are doing so that have become our field. But we do work in other fields of architecture and art in my studio. I really love fashion as an art form, the creativity and the beauty of it. But I have a hard time with the industry where we are working, it tends to be more about the money than the art, that´s a pity.

Q: How do you feel about using the colour white in your work?
A: I like it as a part of an interior or a building. But I don´t see it as a solution to make something modern. If you are looking at spaces designed presently they are all white, that´s nothing appeling to me. Galleries for example are always white, I find it a bit boring and I don´t think it makes pieces of art justice sometimes. I think that my “white” is a middle grey, as the colour of concrete or plaster. To me that´s more natural. What I do like about white is the way you can use it as a mirror for other materials and colours, how it reflects other colours in a room or especially in a ceiling.

Q: Having done work all around the world, do you think different cultures have different perceptions and associations with white?
A: Of course. Living in a country with different seasons white is winter for me. I guess that´s not the case in Nairobi or Sydney for example

Q: What does white have that no other colour has? 
A: For me it represents a start. A blank canvas, an empty room or a new born baby. But I don´t know what it has that no other colour has, maybe it´s just that it isn´t a colour?

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