American Trade Hotel

Occupying a former department store built in the 1917, the American Trade Hotel brings a West Coast spirit to the 340-year-old historic Casco Viejo district, which was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997, and has truly joined the ranks of the world’s hippest neighborhoods

It offers a neocolonial atmosphere in it's 50 rooms, jazz bar(under the direction of Panamanian jazz pianist Danilo Pérez) and organic restaurant, all with a spare décor to accentuate the generous volumes. Rather than simply roll back the clock, the hotel has been created with a fictional backstory — that of a family-owned hotel that’s been in place for centuries.

A sweet spot for a vibrant yet intimate mood, American Trade is as much a social gathering place as it is a boutique hotel. There’s Cafe Unido, a craft roaster bakery where the Chemexes brew Panamanian cultivars; at The Dining Room, chef Clara Icaza cooks a meat- and fish-focused menu inspired by her Latin American roots and northern California experience; in the Lobby Cafe and Bar, you can snack on empanadas and drink mojitos made with seasonal fruit.

In the same way that the buildings were combined, different styles were brought together in a mix of different time periods and cultures. From the mid-century weathered wood, antique, retro coloursand throwback-style tiled bathroom to newer designs and leather pieces, they’re a perfect mix of old and new with the effect is as if you are just in a family home.

A characteristic and unique marriage of cultures and styles and time periods that makes the hotel feel impeccably Panamanian with the cutting edge of Panama’s culinary, music and art scenes.