Sakhi Copenhagen is the unique melt of Scandinavian and Persian Roots where thousand-year-old transmitted traditions meet with the holistic lifestyle values of modern Scandinavia. Founder Farah Sakhi has united her research within dermatology and nutrition from her medicine studies, her heritage from the Persian wisdom tradition transmitted through more than a thousand years with her love for the skin that goes along with a youthful, healthy and balanced lifestyle.

The series revolves around the Nigella Sativa Superseed, also known as Nigella, Kalonji or just Blackseed. In Arabic it is also referred to as the Blessed Seed, and the Nigella seed really hides an astonishing secret: it is the only place in the known Universe where one finds a unique combination of Nigellone and a phytochemical compound known as Thymoquinone. Thymoquinone is scientifically proven to possess extraordinarily potent anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. 

The product line consists of a Face Oil, Hair Potion, Hand Cream and Skin balm, all beautifully packaged in a clean, minimalistic design, that resonates with modern times. And yet when you open the little medicine bottles, you find, that not only is this truly skin therapy, but also soul therapy, with scents so unique, they make you wander across continents, blessing you with age old Persian wisdom and a richness with healing properties on its own.

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