Founder by Caroline Sillesen spent most of her summers in the family summer house in Vejby Strand in Denmark collecting shells and stones from the beach. Her long time fascination with the world of the ocean and everything that hides behind the waves has merged with the world of architecture and art after her degree from from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.  

In 2017 she launched Corali with a collection of minimal pieces in materials like 18-karat gold, silver and a mixture of coral and freshwater pearls. Since its launch, the brand has already gotten on the ‘one-to-watch’ list with media such as Elle and Vogue and appeared in collaborations with Copenhagen based designer Mark Kenly Domino and movie director Nicoline Edinger in a newly produced short film nominated at Copenhagen Fashion Film Festival 2019.

Recently Caroline Sillesen opened an office near The Marble Church in Copenhagen for personal pick up of E-shop orders.