Back in 2017 when I was living in New York, I often bought a small package of pre-packed daily vitamins in the local convenience stores. Living in the city of on-the-go solutions, I was thrilled about the concept of the little read-made doses of health supplement.

Fast forward to 2019, where now living in Copenhagen and having just come out on the other side of a severe immune breakdown caused by the stressful lifestyle of being an entrepreneur, I have now dedicated my future to taking better personal care, finding balance and the discovery of the little life-hacks that can help improve your health and life.

That’s when I discovered Zentabox. A Scandinavian vitamin solution that is just as beautiful and convenient as it is intelligently customized to fit your needs. On their website you can test your health on parameters that include nutrition, exercise and stressors and get guidance on the vitamins that would help you towards a more balanced lifestyle.

Choosing the vitamins you want and placing your order and Zentabox is doing the rest, delivering your daily doses in a beautifully designed box that makes the vitamin supplement feel just as amazing as a beauty routine.

by Sidsel Solmer Eriksen, Founder
images: Semine & Zentabox