NOMA 2.0

What was once a military warehouse that stored mines for the Royal Danish Navy is now the new BIG-designed home of the famous Noma restaurant in Copenhagen. Located between two lakes in the city's Christiania community, Noma 2.0 was envisioned as an “intimate culinary garden village,” as described by BIG. The interiors are designed by studio david thulstrup in an understated elegance, where everything feels handmade, honest and simple.

‘Everything is carefully selected, curated or designed and nothing screams more than the other,’ says david thulstrup, ‘the whole thing has this sense of coherence and a very 360 degrees holistic approach.’ The brainchild of chef and co-owner rené redzepi, noma invites guests into a space where everything feels handmade and ‘lived-in’. in order to create a better sense of place and home.

At 1,290 m2, the project comprises seven small buildings with 11 connected spaces that are tailored — building materials and all — to their specific functions. The connected spaces are densely clustered around the service kitchen, putting the chefs at the center of it all. With this central position, the kitchen crew can have an overview of every corner of the restaurant. 

Recently awarded 2 Michelin stars, Noma is once again back on the map. As Josh Lee from GQ magazine said: “The beauty of Noma lies not in the flavours it produces, but in its originality and ability to prise open the mind of the diner ... Noma is back. It’s better than last time. It makes the old one look amateur in comparison. When you thought Noma couldn’t out-Noma itself, it’s gone and done just that.”

Photo: Rasmus Hjortshoj 6 irina boersma