Cotton is a lifestyle magazine with a global outlook committed to long lasting values and sustainable content. It revolves around cotton as a concept in terms of art, culture and trade. With a cultural directory and engaging layout, Cotton Magazine aims at the modern lifestyle consumer who longs to bridge ethics with aesthetics. The format is launched as a visual tonic of simplicity in an age of ever fastening media streams with a stress-reducing tone of voice. Ultimately, Cotton Magazine is a peaceful place for personal discovery -a chronicle for conscious connoisseurs and collectors of natural luxury. FOUNDED IN COPENHAGEN IN 2012

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"There is a place for volunteer labor. For mutual aid. For inhouse work. For healings that require sympathetic contact or a cohesive support group. For strengthening the bounds of kinship. For intellectual community. For creative idleness. For the slow maturation of talent. For the creation and dissemination of culture." CREDO 


FOUNDING EDITOR Sidsel Solmer Eriksen is a Danish born Art Director & Design Consultant. She graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts - The School of Design in 2004 and has since then been working  with as well creative studios in London and New York as with a number of fashion brands and magazines in her native Scandinavia. She started Cotton Magazine as a visual diary and has evolved it into a creative platform for contributors from around the globe.